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A Game of High Seas Strategy!

Hunt down the enemy in this intense turn-based naval battle, playable against the computer or a friend. Make clever use of your ships to traverse a hexagonal map, and search murky waters for your foe.

Battle Rules

  • Each player takes turns moving his or her vessels.
  • Neither player can see the other at first.
  • Only submarines can enter enemy territory.
  • Submarines can detect nearby foes with sonar.
  • The battle begins when an opponent is found.
  • Destroy all enemy transport ships or submarines to win.

Unit Types

  • Submarine

    Can attack with torpedoes.
    Can use sonar.

  • Escort Ship

    Can attack with depth charges.

  • Supply Ship

    Can't attack.
    Lose all Transport Supply ships and the battle is lost.

Battle Flow

Move into the enemy territory

Move your submarine to a place where you think the enemy may be lurking. Only submarines can enter enemy territory.

Close in on the enemy

When you get close to enemy ships, you can tell where they're likely to be hiding, but you won't know their exact location.

Enemy ships may be hiding in these spaces.

Use your sonar

Discover the location of enemy ships by using sonar. Careful—when you do, you'll give away your own location to the enemy.

Attack enemy ships

Once you've found them, attack! Submarines can attack from periscope mode. Enemy escort ships can also attack you with depth charges.

Read your Foe's Movements

Since enemy movement can't be seen, you must predict your enemy's location and choose when to use sonar. If all goes well, you can close in on a transport ship undetected. If you've guessed wrong, you may be attacked.

Multiplayer Battles

Two Nintendo 3DS™ owners can play via local wireless against each other in Steel Commander mode. This mode can be enjoyed even if only one player has a copy of the Steel Diver™ game.*

Use Parental Controls to restrict 3D mode for children 6 and under.

To enjoy the 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS software, you must experience it from the system itself. All screenshots and videos on this website have been captured in 2D mode.

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