Nintendo 3DS

Unsinkable undersea fun

Load the torpedo tubes and crash dive into fast-paced undersea combat. Use your Nintendo 3DS system to take the helm of sleek subs in engaging single-player missions and intense multiplayer shootouts.

Available exclusively on Nintendo eShop

Download the game

Find your sea legs in two intense single-player missions and take your sub into local and online multiplayer battles.

You can purchase the Premium version to unlock five more underwater adventures and a formidable 18-vessel sub fleet.

QR code

On your Nintendo 3DS system, go to the HOME menu, tap the L + R Button to activate the camera, tap the QR Code® pattern, and then scan the code.

Clash beneath the waves

Use innovative touchscreen controls to square off against other sub captains in tense, 4-against-4 team battles. Recruit three comrades or go it alone with computer-controlled teammates, then let the underwater fireworks begin. You can battle either locally or online, so there's always an opportunity for combat.

Customize your subs

Once you find some subs you like, you can make them your own with the game's customization tools. Go with a stealthy paint job, or announce your presence in battle with bright colors and crazy patterns.

Dive into solo missions

mission preview

  • Select a mission from above

    Battles are raging across the waves, and your navy needs a saavy sub captain on the front lines. Go on two pulse-pounding missions in unfriendly waters, then unlock more in the Premium version. Each has three levels of difficulty. Can you handle the pressure?

  • Navigate the Rings

    Hone your piloting skills by navigating a series of underwater rings.

  • Sink the Convoy

    Hunt down and sink all the ships in the area, but watch out for bombers.

  • Eliminate the Radar Base

    Fight through a gauntlet of threats to take out an enemy radar installation.

  • Call in the Air Strike

    Trasmit coded messages to call in air strikes. Any mistake could be costly.

  • Undersea Nemesis

    A new class of enemy sub has entered the conflict. Find it and sink it.

  • Final Showdown

    Sink the Super Battleship, and give your compatriates naval superiority in this conflict.